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Author Topic: The Theater In Your Head  (Read 1235 times)


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The Theater In Your Head
« on: 22 Jan 2007, 01:40 »

Okay, the object of this thread is to take a song from your music library that when you listen to it conjures a very vivid and specific image in your head.  I don't mean just an arbitrary collection of picture-thoughts, I mean a song that when you listen to it, you see an actual scene play out in your head.  Post the song here, similar to the "Forced Listening" thread, and then talk about what scene plays out for you when you listen to it! 

I'll start with A Silver Mt. Zion - Hang On To Each Other.  At the beginning, I picture a group of people sitting around a campfire late at night (this couldn't possibly be what the band actually meant to achieve, I mean with the crackling fire sound effects at the beginning, and the group vocals on the chorus, right?) but the really specific part is that Ephram's vocals make me think of some frail old man, remembering maybe his wife, or someone he loved greatly who died before him.  During the lines "Hang on to each other and every fucking thing you love" I see this ghostly figure, the same old man, walking through a cemetary at night.  He's got his fists clenched around something, I never really see what, but it would be maybe some old flowers, or a piece of a wedding dress, or some other memento of his lost love.  As the music gets quieter, whatever the old man is holding in his fists turns to dust and begins to trail through his fingers and as the song dies down, he's left with nothing.  I get this visual in my head almost every time I listen to this song.

Now your turn!
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