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Author Topic: Anyone know anything about Java/Swing?  (Read 2738 times)


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Anyone know anything about Java/Swing?
« on: 17 Mar 2007, 18:56 »

I'm taking an evening course that's an intro to programming and uses Java.

Up until now I've been connecting to their UNIX server to compile and run my programs, but we're just starting Swing and their servers don't support GUIs.

I have Windows XP and I'm trying to get Java/Swing stuff to compile and run, but I know very little about computers besides what you learn from just using them a lot.  But I have no idea, and nobody from the course is giving me any help that a computer layman could possibly understand.  Can anyone tell me how to run Java stuff on Windows XP?  (With the most current jdk version)


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Re: Anyone know anything about Java/Swing?
« Reply #1 on: 17 Mar 2007, 21:02 »

I run Linux at home,  at work I'm mainly a C guy, I have done a bit of Java, though it was all sockets/networking stuff, never touched the GUI side of it.

That said if you want to start developing at home you'll want a decent IDE (Integrated Developement Environment), if you were using a command like  SSH or Telnet (maybe a program called putty) to connect to a unix box you were probably using something like Emacs or VI, to write the program. There are a number of different IDE's out there which make life a lot easier for you.

In the Linux world "Eclipse" is the IDE of choice, it's a free open source development environment, thats used by a lot of large comercial entities, I think its pretty awesome, it has a massive community writing a heap of plug-ins for it, it's also available for the Windows OS, though I've had no experience running it on that platform.
is there homepage, check that site out, again I'm not sure how it works on Windows but in the Linux world its pretty easy to get everything set up as it resolves all your dependencies with syterm libraries and JRE's for you.

There's some instruction on installing Eclipse and how to use it etc here.

Here's an article on getting swing set up in Eclipse here's an Eclipse Plug-in to write Swing code.

Google is pretty handy if you have some spare time there are a heap of articles on Java programming and Eclipse, good luck.



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Re: Anyone know anything about Java/Swing?
« Reply #2 on: 18 Mar 2007, 17:22 »

Eclipse is the way to go, it is better than any other java IDE I've used so far.
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