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Author Topic: Stereos...??  (Read 1242 times)


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« on: 10 Feb 2007, 16:30 »

For the past 15 years, I've been making due with a boom box and my parents' stereo set-up (CD, cassette, turntable). In December my parents and I moved to a new house but haven't set up their stereo yet, so I have no way to play my meager vinyl collection. About a month ago my boom box crapped out, meaning if I want to listen to music in my room it has to be on headphones, my iPod, or through my TV.

Since I'm in my early 20s and will be getting my own place whenever I find a better job, it feels like no better time to invest in an honest-to-god stereo set-up of my own. My only problem is that I am virtually clueless as to where to begin. As far as figuring out what to plug into what, I can do, but what brands to look at and what money I should expect to spend...well, I need guidance on that part.

Basically, I want to be able to listen to CDs, cassettes, and vinyl; I don't need any fancy surround sound set-up, I just want basic stereo; I'd like to spend less than $1,000 total; I only want to have two speakers with it, no subwoofer. I've mulled over getting one of those all-in-one stereos that have CD, cassette, and a turntable built into one compact unit, but I've heard the sound quality is horrible and the turntable is low quality that wears out very easily.

Any help, and snide/dismissive comments, are welcome.


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Re: Stereos...??
« Reply #1 on: 16 Feb 2007, 22:01 »

No one has written back, so while I can't offer you a great deal of help, I can at least possibly help you out a little.

I personally would avoid an all-in-one system. Usually they are hard to upgrade, do in fact have poor sound quality (not to mention they usually come with tiny speakers anyway), and if one player breaks, basically your whole unit is worthless. (Ever go to a garage sale/flea market and see a system that says, "Works fine, except CD player is broken"? There is a reason why no one has wanted to buy it yet.)

I think the best way to go is to start with a nice stereo receiver, and work from there. You can add a separate cd/dvd player (hello, home theater system!), turntable, tape player, and, with just one cable, you can hook up your computer/iPod and kick out the jams that way. It's also nice because you can add on as you go, so if you only want to start with the receiver and the turntable for now, and get that SACD player you've wanted but can't afford right now later, you can.

I'm not the biggest fan of chain stores like Circuit City or Best Buy, but they do usually have a fair share of components you can look at and the salesman might be helpful (might be). You can look at what is out there now, and usually they'll let you try out each receiver with different sets of speakers so you can get a feel for how it sounds. Oh, and for speakers: make sure the ones you get can handle the amount of power your receiver is going to be dishing out. I had a small mishap a few months ago where my music was a bit too high, and the speakers didn't enjoy that too much, and then I had no speakers for a few weeks while I worked to get a new pair.

After you look around, scour the internets and ask some more knowledgeable people.
Hopefully I at least offered a bit of helpful advice.
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