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  • 25 Oct 2021, 13:24
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Author Topic: NSI Film Festival  (Read 2241 times)


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NSI Film Festival
« on: 20 Feb 2007, 18:59 »

I got an email about this Canada-wide film festival the other day. Specifically, it's a competition between a few amateur ~5-minute films. First prize is $1000 or something, and all the competing films have been chosen already. The outcome is at least partially decided by online voting, and they have all the films up on their website.

Now, I guess my friend who's currently in film school has submitted a parody of CSI we filmed in exactly one day. It's been chosen, so he's flying up to Winnipeg for the festival. This is the reason I got the email, apparently. So, if you're feeling charitable, CSI Antigonish greatly appreciates your votes.

I actually liked Larson and Warp Zone more than ours. There are some nice films there, and despite the obvious plug for votes, I urge you folks to at least watch some of the clips. Entertainment may ensue!
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