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Author Topic: Photocomic and Free Crosswords - Suriving the World - Critiques welcome  (Read 7697 times)


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So I plugged my webcomic/photocomic in the appropriate thread a few months ago, but things have developed further to the point I wanted to recognize some work other people have done for the site.

First off, if you don't know, Surviving the World is a daily photocomic set up like a classroom, with lessons taught on a blackboard each and every day.  The syllabus ranges from science to literature, love to life, and hits just about everything in between.  It's actually been an incredible joy to work on, something I'm incredibly proud of, so I do so hope any of you who have checked it out enjoyed it.

Secondly, Kathy Li, an fantastic artist, created a piece to help drive up interest and achieved, what I feel, really reflects the nature and spirit of the comic.  So I'm posting it here for you all to enjoy, and possibly give you more incentive to look at Surviving the World.

Finally, Justin Smith, who has had many puzzles published in several national newspapers and magazines, has begun to create a monthly crossword puzzle to be linked directly through the site.  The puzzle will have an all new lesson in the answers as well, so not only do you get to further build upon your puzzling skill, but you can get a laugh/teaching moment out of the final answer, too.

It's amazing what can happen with something once you start putting a lot of yourself into it, especially if other people like it.  That's where I feel the comic is right now, and hopefully it can keep building up to better and greater heights.

That's really all I have to say at this point.  I would love any criticism, preferably constructive, about any aspect of the comic.  Thanks!
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Hey, the new site is up and designed!  I'm improving the size of the photos because they're taking so long to load, but otherwise very pleased.  Please check it out and let me know what you think!


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Nice sense of humour, i laughed plenty of times.
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I am enjoying it, but four strips in and I'm finding the loading times painful. You really need to sort out the file sizes of your images! Strip 3 is over 10mb big, which there is simply no need for. A big part of the reason for this is that the dimensions of the actual images are huge, but then you use HTML to make them render smaller - don't do this! Resize the images so that they are the actual size they appear on the page, it will make them much smaller. It may also be worth using jpegs, as they're photos, with a little compression, but just resizing them would make a big difference. (Ah, I just noticed that you mostly do use jpegs, but Lesson 3 is a png and therefore even more ridiculously big!)

So, yeah, I would recommend fixing that because it is otherwise a lot of fun!
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Thanks for pointing out the picture problem still existed - I thought I'd fixed it but apparently was having issues with photoshop.  Also, glad you enjoyed it.  Load times should be a lot faster now.


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That is an excellent comic
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These are great.

Good stuff.
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Loved the sneaky reference to Jeph in #60


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You have very unique take on a somewhat common idea. If that's you in the picture, you're occasionally distracting. If it's not you, he's occasionally distracting.

Well done, though - many several have made me chuckle.
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So Far I'm liking it but being an Aussie #29 made me pause.

The Platypus is not natural?

And multiple platypus is not platypi (Although it does sound better)... Platypus is an aboriginal word and has no latin origin. =D

Still so far, big thumbs up!
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Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it!

Heh - and the platypus-platypi thing, we're aware that platypi isn't a real word.  We once helped write and direct an entire one act play where the running joke through the entire thing was that someone would keep bringing up platypuses, get corrected by someone else who'd say 'platypi', and he'd respond 'whatever.'  The joke actually worked really well, and by the end the audience actually corrected the narrator on cue.  After the play went on, we discovered platypuses is the correct plural.  But we digress.
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