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Author Topic: tough torrent-related question, need some advice...  (Read 2041 times)

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The problem is that I'm having NAT issues, and I don't know why. I'm using Azureus (not that it matters).

When I first starting using it like over a year ago, I easily and simply bypassed inherent NAT issues by assigning and forwarding appropriate ports in my Windows firewall. Problem solved, easy as pie.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago - all of a sudden I'm having NAT issues again. I check my Windows firewall - none of the settings have changed, so what's the problem?. I try assigning/forwarding different ports - no change. I go back to the original ports I assigned - no change. Norton Internet Security (which I have always used) never caused me problems before in this realm, but I try doing the appropriate fix for that program - no change. I hate to do it because of the inherent danger involved, but I try cutting it off (temporarily) anyway - no change, same issues remain.

I've been to (both when I first started using Azureus and again when this problem resurfaced) and they're basically telling the only other thing I can do is to try to forward ports through my router (a Siemens Speedstream 5100). I download my router's manual, which tells me how to use the Web interface necessary to access my router. I try to access the router - no luck. I try again and again - no luck.

So I go to the Siemens website to get some tech support, and I get some dismaying news:

"The Speedstream 5100 can be configured as either a bridge or a router by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). After being configured as a Bridge there are no user controlled settings so the Web Management Interface is not used. Most SpeedStream 5100 are configured as a Bridge... and will not have access to the Web Management Interface."

So, basically, thanks to my ISP (%$#*& Yahoo! DSL), my router isn't configured as a router, and therefore I can't use it to forward ports.

So what else can I do? More importantly -- what changed to cause these newly-found NAT problems in the first place? I'm at my wit's end, and my torrenting abilities have basically been nullified. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: tough torrent-related question, need some advice...
« Reply #1 on: 22 Mar 2007, 06:23 »

When I was living on Campus at uni we used a program called "your freedom" to get around a whole heap of blocked ports they had set up.

Bare in mind that using it will probaling void your ISPs terms of service.


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Re: tough torrent-related question, need some advice...
« Reply #2 on: 05 Apr 2007, 04:15 »

Put it in bridge mode and either buy another router or use PPOE on your computer.

They also recommend updating the firmware, which you may or may not be able to do.

You could also try asking your ISP to provide you with a straight up modem, rather than a modem/router, and you can also buy them at stores. You should check to see if your ISP restricts hardware by mac address or not.

When in bridge mode, it basically just passes on the connection to your computer. If you still have problems with torrent ports, it may be because your ISP is restricting the ports at their end, which you can't do anything about.

Try changing your ports to something like 55,555.

Also, don't use Azureus. It's bloated and inefficient. I recommend uTorrent.
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