• 30 Sep 2023, 09:36
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Author Topic: Coonstar's Stereolab-inspired drawing-collages of buildings and ipod zombies  (Read 2558 times)


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Yesterday I completed 3 drawing-collages, it's the first time I've drawn anything in a while. I call these drawing-collages/pseudo-collages because they are technically a collage, but only of stuff I drew on different colored papers!

Each of these are titled after a Stereolab song, and inspired by that Stereolab song. I really love Stereolab, and that love translates into doing drawing-collages instead of writing very very important essays.

"Miss Modular" (a self portrait)

"Les Yper-Yper Sound"

"The Noise of Carpet"

Each of these took about 3 hours each, including concepting, drawing, cutting, taping, and coloring. Comments, critique, and flames are all appreciated no matter how nitpicky. Either way, I'll probably end up making more during finals.
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