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Author Topic: Nostalgia  (Read 2836 times)


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« on: 16 Apr 2007, 06:22 »

I was digging thru an old box the other day and I ran across my N-64 games. My son (age 5)  has been bugging me to find them for some time so I broke out the old system and plugged them in.

and I've done something I swore I would never do again, I started playing DK-64. (I've also noticed that the opening from Fergilicious sounds exactly like the DK rap)

I've also picked up where I left on on Tetris Worlds. The hook to this game is that the lines you make go to build wonders of the world. My wife and I got pretty far before, we built all the wonders except the Russian one, the thing is, the Russian one needed like 200,000 lines, which so far my best outing on marathon is 2,000 some lines in 40 minutes.

We have roughly 100,000 lines to go. This is the third time I've gotten back into this game. after a while we get tired of it and it goes back on the shelf waiting for us to return. I'm glad the batteries have held out this long.

My son really likes DK-64, but seeing as it's the hardest game ever made, he wasn't doing so well with it, so he figured the next best thing is to get daddy to play it. I've never beat this game, The first time I played it, I probably broke 2 controllers. I got all but 3 bananas, and I never beat the final boss. I don't know if this time will be any different or not. I'm kind of hoping that it will come out on the Wii's virtual console because for some reason I think it will be better there than on the original 64.

either way, I'm sure the game will be generating some serious irrational fury over the next few weeks.


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Re: Nostalgia
« Reply #1 on: 16 Apr 2007, 17:48 »

Is this thread supposed to be about nostalgia in general, or just N64 nostalgia??

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Re: Nostalgia
« Reply #2 on: 16 Apr 2007, 18:51 »

I remember when I was into nostalgia


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Re: Nostalgia
« Reply #3 on: 16 Apr 2007, 19:31 »

I've always thought threads should take on a life of their own.

so I think you should be free to discuss anything that the posts above you inspires you to post.

but I'm the N00b here, so what do I know.

I do know I spent the last hour racing a giant bug down a slide trying to beat it and collect 50 coins, stupid bug!



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Re: Nostalgia
« Reply #4 on: 17 Apr 2007, 08:40 »

Ah, well...

My primary nostalgia isn't for 8 or 16 bit games, since I played those to death as a kid. I literally feel no remorse after selling my SNES with all of my RPGs which would be worth a lot of money on eBay today (the big Earthbound pack that came with the strategy guide, FFIII, Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG) in order to buy a Dreamcast because I felt I was done with that era of games. There are still a few games I didn't get to play back then, but I don't feel nostalgia for it.

Instead, my nostalgia currently focuses on the 32/64 bit era, which began roughly a decade ago. I'll never forget the N64, and how some of my friends got it right away. Once they were done with Mario 64, they didn't know what to do with themselves. Shadows of the Empire was pretty good, but it wasn't until the next summer (97) that Star Fox 64 came out and gave us something to be obsessed with. I actually got a N64 just for Star Fox 64, and spent most of my summer doing chores to pay back my parents. That fall Goldeneye came out of nowhere. The very day that I got my newest issue of Gamepro with a glowing review of Goldeneye, I rented it from the local video store. When I returned the game I immediately went out and bought it.

For the next year, everything was fine with the N64 and I. I wasn't buying games every month, but I didn't have that much money anyway, so it felt 'right' somehow to wait months between purchases. My main memories of the first three years of the N64's life are primarily about all the damn racing games and platformers that came out for the thing. My at the time best friend Kevin loved these kind of games, so we'd spend hours upon hours playing them, even if in retrospect they weren't very good. I will say that Banjo Kazooie was extremely good for what it was even if I'd rather right my fingernails off one by one rather than play another "collect a million things!!" Rare game.

Ocarina of Time was on everyone's mind by the fall of '98. The N64 was on its third year (counting '96 and '97 as the first two years) and it was finally getting a huge, grand adventure game. I bought this three action figure set from Target that came with a coupon for the game, but stupidly didn't reserve the game. This was back before reserving games and systems got big, so I just assumed I would be able to find one. Flash forward a month, and it's just before Thanksgiving, and I'm dragging my parents and sister to all the stores in the area trying to find the damn game. I am so pissed off about the whole thing, I finally started to look at all the Playstation games I had been missing out on.

My friends and I were always diehard Nintendo fans, and we never gave the Playstation another thought, putting it in a league with other failed CD systems like 3DO and CDi. But as my fanaticism with Nintendo weakened and the agonizing waits between games got longer, it was hard to deny the Playstation any longer. Zelda was supposed to be the game that kept me from thinking about all the amazing RPGs I was missing out on the Playstation. Hell, I even bought and played through the awful PC port of Final Fantasy VII to keep me full. But missing Zelda was the final blow. That Christmas, I got a Playstation, and it was just an absolute orgy of games from the previous three years of the Playstation's library. I couldn't tell you what it felt like to be absolutely flooded with RPGs and other niche games (as survival horror and rhythm games were in those days): it was like finally growing up, in a lot of ways.

Years later when I pre-ordered The Wind Waker, I got a Gamecube port of Ocarina of Time. That was the first time I had ever played the game. It is indeed truly one of the best games ever made, but I often wonder, if I had managed to find a copy of it that holiday season, would I have been better off for it?? Would I have eventually broke down to the Sony system, or would I have held on against all odds with my Nintendo loving friends and remained in the delusion that Nintendo was faultless??

Other than that, I also remember the Dreamcast fondly. It was as though they improved upon everything the Saturn had failed for, but nobody cared. Most of my friends eventually bought a Dreamcast, and by the time it was dropped in the U.S. it had an amazing library of games, but as many analysts have said, it was too little, too late. As long as I live, however, I will never forget playing Phantasy Star Online and Shen Mue for the first times. PSO was startling because, even though the core gameplay was kind of klunky, it was the first console online RPG, and you could play it over dial-up!! Shen Mue was simply shocking for its complexity and for-its-time realism. There had never been a game experience like Shen Mue before, and it arguably influenced all the 'sand box' and 'emergent gameplay' game design that came after it.


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Re: Nostalgia
« Reply #5 on: 17 Apr 2007, 09:08 »

You know, it's funny.

My son asked me yesterday what games I played as a kid.

I told him that he'd never heard of the system I played on.  It was an Intellivision.

What with its state of the art graphics, and cutting edge controller all designed to beat the Atari 2600, the Intellivision was the system to beat when I was a kid.  I did really like the games though, to be honest.  Space Armada, Star Control, Boxing, Golf, Dungeons & Dragons - these were the games that devoured my time as a child.  Hours and hours spent defeating the aliens, or whatever.  My parents were so upset over it, that when I'd moved out of the house, and my sisters were old enough for a system (would have been a PS1) my parents emphatically refused.  The reason was that I'd done nothing but play games after they bought me a system.

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Re: Nostalgia
« Reply #6 on: 17 Apr 2007, 19:35 »

This may take some time. My first game system was a Pong game. it had Tennis, raquet ball, Jai Alai (I remember wondering what the heck was Jai Alai)

Later, when I was 12, my mother, my sister and I all chipped in 40 bucks and we bought an Atari. a year later the price dropped to $40 bucks and I was pissed. but anyway. I have fond memories of Demon Attack and Pit fall. I played the horrendous ET and I liked it. every time my tv turns on I'm reminded of the opening to Atari Pac-man, which remarkably had very little in common with Pac-Man. I recall asteroids and space invaders and missile command. My sister loved Enduro and I was really good at Video Pinball.

I actually laughed at my Dad who bought an Intellivision. I hated the controller for that system.

Time moved on I went down the computer path with the vic-20 and the commodore 64. around this time some of my friends started getting the NES system. For some reason back then I hated Nintendo. probably because I thought my Commodore was just as good, and I had about 500 disks of pirated games to keep me busy. Plus I discovered one of the best genre's of all time, The text adventure, and you just couldn't play that on the nes.

when the war between the Genesis and the SNES started, my hatred for Nintendo continued and I went with the Genesis.  I liked Sonic, and I'm sure I bought other games, but I can't remember them. that all changed when I went to college. My friend had a SNES. Super Contra was amazing. I remember playing that co-op for hours. we got pretty good at the whole thing, watching us play was hilarious. and then there was final fantasy II. I played that game for 19 hours straight it was amazing. But it wasn't until Metroid that I totally jumped. I worked part time for Radio Shack back then, and I would spend my off  hours at Service Merchandise playing Super Metroid. I almost beat the game there till I heard one of the stock boys bitching about how I was always there.

of course it helped that I had to pawn my Genesis for Macaroni money, Times were hard back then. When I finally had enough money, I bought one. I got in a lot of trouble for it from the new wife as well, but it was worth it.

I was one of those who bought the 64 at launch. I also have the gold pre order of both Zeldas. After playing Mario, twice, I played Blast Corp, one of Rare's first unbeatable games.

somewhere I picked up a play station, I'm sure for ff VII the only other game I remember really liking on the PS other than the FF titles were the Spyro titles.

We got a PS2 pretty late. I tried to play FFX, but I just couldn't get into it. I can't really think of anything for the PS2 that I really really liked. I'm sure there were some, but none come to mind at the moment.

I picked up the Game Cube for Zelda, even though it didn't come out till like a year later. and I bought a Wii for pretty much for my son.

I'm sure it's because I'm older now, and my priorities are different, but games these days just don't have the allure that they did back in the days of the 64 and the psx. and even before that the days of my Commodore.   

I have yet to find a game for the Wii that really grabs me. (I played zelda on he game cube) which seems strange with everyone raving about it.
Maybe paper mario will be good. I guess we'll see.
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