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Author Topic: Overlord: Oppression and Tyranny for profit and self satisfaction  (Read 3877 times)


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Who else is looking forward to this wonderful mish mash of Pikmin and Dungeon Keeper? I was merely interested in the game until i played the demo. I immediately pre-ordered it after I was done.

In the process of playng the demo, you bea tthe ever loving shit out of a Jester goblin minion thing, kill several adorable frolicking sheep and steal their souls, and set fire to a wheat field that has several halflings in it that are then burned alive in it.

I fully expect this game to be the spawn of thousands of hilarious screenshots.

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I planned on buying this game as soon as I heard details about it.  Already paid it off.  I win.
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I visited the studio where Triumph was making it with my school and got to talk with one of the lead designers. I'm pretty sure I win.
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