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Author Topic: Interested in gaming challenges?  (Read 2018 times)


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Interested in gaming challenges?
« on: 18 May 2007, 12:48 »

Two of my best internet buddies recently set up a site called PlayItHardcore.  We're currently constructing a wiki-style site that offers guides on how to beat a game without ever relying on saving and reloading.  Saves are only for when you stop playing and have to go do something in the real world!

I myself am going to be heavily involved in making the site work (I am planning on doing Call of Duty and Half-Life 2 here soon, and I also made the difficulty ratings images) and offer you guys to go take a look and participate.  So far, we've really only got a couple snippets of soulmata's hardcore Morrowind run, as well as an entire youtube'd walkthrough of his Deus Ex 2 massacre playthrough (the videos are still being uploaded, but I've watched up through Lower Seattle and it's hilarious), and a FallOut 2 guide.

We realize this is going to take a lot of work for what we plan to be doing.  That's one reason I'm saying, come give us a hand!  Any game is welcome, as well, regardless of system.  I will likely be doing some runs of the 3 SNES Megaman X games, so it doesn't have to be an epic long game like, say, Baldur's Gate 2.  The rating system wasn't invented purely so everything would be a 5 or above, after all.


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Re: Interested in gaming challenges?
« Reply #1 on: 18 May 2007, 13:41 »

Isn't the idea of a guide/walkthrough that guides someone entirely through "hardcore" gaming a complete and utter oxymoron?
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Re: Interested in gaming challenges?
« Reply #2 on: 18 May 2007, 17:47 »

There's only so much someone can tell you about what you'll face.  The rest is up to you.

Besides, they aren't "guides" so much as maximum lol blogs regarding a hardcore playthrough.  If you go watch soulmata's Deus Ex 2 movies, and don't laugh, then maybe you're not the gaming type.
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