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Author Topic: The Plain Janes  (Read 2432 times)


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The Plain Janes
« on: 19 May 2007, 04:09 »

A friend of mine recently wrote a review for this comic, and it actually sounds interesting, despite targeting a teenage girl audience.

Anyone else interested? Opinions?
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Re: The Plain Janes
« Reply #1 on: 26 Jul 2007, 01:02 »

I read the free comics version of Plain Jane (which I think is basically the introductory chapter to the novel), and I'm seeing some good things so far. The story starts off with a bang (yay immediate tension), and the back story of the terrorist attack is intriguing, if any. Also, anyone who was a part of a gang of "social deviants" in high school or wished he/she was in one will at least appreciate the surmise of the comic.

If you're looking for something completely new and original to the forefront of comics, this probably isn't it. On the other hand, solid writing and art makes the "PLAIN Janes" refreshing in its genre. The fact that its conception was geared towards hooking females into comics is great, IMO :). A gap should be bridged for disbelievers. On a side note, I'm also curious about "Clubbing", which was illustrated by Josh Howard. Anyone have a review for that?
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