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Author Topic: Music Forum Rules & Guidelines  (Read 26119 times)


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Music Forum Rules & Guidelines
« on: 24 May 2005, 13:21 »

This forum has become a free for all in bashing music you don't like. I'm going to be modding this forum pretty tightly, so consider this your warning.  To that end, I wanted to set up some basic guidelines to make it a pleasurable experience for all.

Don't be a dick. If someone creates a thread about x genre of music that is not an invitation for fans of y genre to jump all over x thread because they don't like it, or because x isn't y. Further, don't then go and attempt to make everything about genre y.

Be intelligent. In a thread about a band it's alright to post about why they don't do it for you, so long as your reasoning is intelligent. "I hate The Arcade Fire because they're not metal" is not intelligent reasoning. Also, there is no need to state this more than once. Not talking out of your ass should follow, don't bash bands you've never listened to, or heard one single on the radio.

Don't make it personal. If you don't like a band fine, but don't judge a person's character based on the music they listen to.

Don't be an elitist prick. You're not superior to anyone if your favourite band has a more complex chord structure than your standard pop hook. This is like compensating for a small penis with a sports car.

Don't feed the trolls. If someone is trolling your thread, don't argue with them or bait them, a mod will read it sooner or later and excise the troll content.

Now play nice and enjoy.
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