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Let's talk choral music.

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So, I've been in a really good college choir this year, and it's given me even more of a taste for choral music than I already had. Basically, I start with what my choir sings and branch out from there- my director picks quite diverse programs, so this actually covers a lot of ground. Here's my favorite piece from this year's seasons- one of Morton Lauridsen's faux-madrigals (20th century) as sung by a select group from my choir.

It's an m4a, my apologies.

Anyway, anyone else have some favorite choral music to share?

i would go out of your way to find a copy of the spooky men's chorale album tooled up

they are a 15 man A cappella group who do covers ranging from folk to gregorian chants as well as some original works

I am also going to put this in the sendspace thread because it is some of the best music I have ever heard, but this is Polyphony doing some (a lot) of Eric Whitacre's choral pieces. Whitacre is a genius and his choral work is some of the most beautiful stuff I have ever heard, and it is only made better by the great sound and recording of the choir. I recommend the entire album, but if you really have to pick and choose, my favorites are "A Boy and A Girl", "Cloudburst", and "Lux Arumque".

I know the capitalization seems weird, some of it is from the source text that Whitacre uses for his pieces, some of it is because I am still seeding the torrent I got it off of and can't change it.



Whitacre is amazing, I've sung A Boy and A Girl and Sleep this year. I highly recommend that everyone passing through download that package.

I realise it's not strictly speaking choral work, but as far as vocal harmonies and parts and countermelodies, you can't go wrong with the Beach Boys. One of my life ambitions is to find a vocal group good enough to perform 'Good Vibrations' live, competently.


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