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Author Topic: Video game podcast - feedback appreciated  (Read 2172 times)


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Video game podcast - feedback appreciated
« on: 31 Jul 2007, 17:33 »

A few weeks ago, some friends of mine asked me to host a podcast for them. They're running a gaming site at and do a weekly podcast that they stream from the site. As evidenced by my usual lack of participation in this forum, I know very little about games, but I get paid every day to bullshit my way through things anyway, so I figured why not.

Now, this is the part of my post where I ask you guys to check out what we're doing, and give me your thoughts on ways that we can improve things. I am always looking for feedback, and where best to get it besides these forums. Of course, I'm also shamelessly whoring out the podcast itself, but your constructive critique is also appreciated!

Thanks, QC! You're the best!
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