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Author Topic: What game convinced you to buy a console?  (Read 5038 times)


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What game convinced you to buy a console?
« on: 15 Aug 2007, 03:17 »

I've always gotten a new console when one game jumped out at me, something that convinced me that it was worth the extra money and hassle with my dad to buy another console to add to the pile in my room, and I think most people are the same.

So, what games were the systems sellers for you?
Mine were (in order of purchase):
SNES:  A tie between Mario World and Zelda.
N64:  I wanted one from the moment I saw Mario 64, but I had to wait for the price to come down.
Dreamcast:  Soul Calibur.
PS2:  Time Crisis 2 (I've always been a sucker for light-gun games).  The fact that GTA3 came out a week later was a happy coincidence, as I'd heard nothing about the game.
GC:  Metroid Prime.
Xbox:  Knights of the Old Republic.
Wii:  Wii Sports and Zelda.

360 is getting added to the list next week, as I don't think I'm going to be able to resist Bioshock.
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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #1 on: 15 Aug 2007, 06:06 »

It's rarely been one game that tipped it for me. I've never seen a real "killer app" that made a system a must have for me. Price is significantly more of a factor than any one game; price and a few really impressive looking games.

NES: Everyone had one, really. I still don't know why exactly my parents got it for us.
Genesis: Honestly, I asked for it 'cause it looked like the cooler one and my best friend had an SNES already. I was like nine or ten.
SNES: The fact some dude in the Want Ads was selling it for $50 with Mario World and a pair of controllers. Too good a deal to really pass up.
Nintendo 64: This was the first one where one game came into play over anything else. I bought it at launch for Mario 64.
Playstation: My brother actually bought this one. I think he got it for Crash Bandicoot. I wanted one for Resident Evil.
Dreamcast: I'm pissed at Eidos for this one to this day. It came down in price to $99, so I bought it for Soul Reaver 2 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Eidos then cancelled the Dreamcast version of Soul Reaver 2 a mere month before it was supposed to hit and I don't think I've ever felt more fucked by a game developer. Fortunately, other developers made the system worthwhile and I got my $100 worth through Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II (And to an extent, Shenmu, which I was again fucked on the sequel). Essentially, I bought the console for a game that was cancelled and Resident Evil.
Playstation 2: I bought it after the first price drop primarily for Final Fantasy X (Which was an excessive disappointment) and Soul Reaver 2. The thing subsequently collected dust for me until Suikoden III came out.
Gamecube: By that point, I'd learned my lesson. By the time I bought a Gamecube, it was $100 and Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil remake and Rogue Squadron 2 were out with Wind Waker soon on its way. Wind Waker was probably the primary motivator, but I waited for a slew of titles.
Wii: The only console since N64 I bought at launch. Nintendo's really the only company I trust to deliver enough first party entertainment (I learned never to trust third parties after the SR 2 debacle and the bullshit with RE 4's "exclusivity") to rationalize the purchase. I bought it for the controller's potential more than any one game as the only launch game I was interested in was available on Gamecube anyway.

I'll be buying an Xbox 360 soon due to Dead Rising, Gears of War, Guitar Hero 3 and the price drop.
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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #2 on: 15 Aug 2007, 07:25 »

I've never bought a console for just one game. However, there have been certain games that tipped my hand from "I'll pick this up someday" to "I'll go get this now."

NES: Parents bought it for one of my birthdays. It was the pack that came with a second controller, Zapper, and the SMB/Duck Hunt cart. Now that's a system bundle!!

Genesis: For some reason, my sister and I were really into beat-em-ups, so we had to get this for Streets of Rage 2 and Golden Axe 2. However, we also liked Sonic.

SNES: Chrono Trigger. I was a late adopter to the SNES because the Genesis was satisfying enough to me for a long time. But Chrono Trigger was just too good to pass up. I subsequently went back and picked up Final Fantasy 3 (well, VI) and Earthbound.

N64: Foolishly assuming this would continue the legacy of the SNES, I picked one up the summer of '97 when Star Fox 64 came out. I still have that insane video that Nintendo sent out to advertise the game, and I recall having to paint the shed at our old house to get the console and Star Fox 64.

Playstation: An inability to find Ocarina of Time in the winter of '98, along with a horrible famine of RPGs on the N64, led me to finally break down and buy a PS1. The game I bought it for was Xenogears, weirdly enough, though I did pick up a ton of games alongside it.

Dreamcast: Shen Mue. Quite simply, that game looked and was the most advanced and amazing thing I'd ever seen. This was the one time I blindly bought a console without knowing what else I wanted for it. Thankfully it had a pretty decent library then and afterward.

PS2: This is going to sound stupid, but Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. I was and am a huge Diablo fan, so this game was up my alley. I bought it before I even had a PS2, even. Yet there was also Final Fantasy X, which my friend got for Christmas and all I did one night was watch him play it for 6 hours straight.

GBA: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. I was and am a huge Symphony of the Night whore, so the idea they were doing a spiritual successor to it made me buy a GBA soon after launch. Super Mario Advance 1 was also really damn good, though.

Gamecube: My parents got me this for Christmas along with Rogue Squadron II, Pikmin, and Smash Brothers Melee. People make fun of all Nintendo consoles for having a weak launch and software library in its first few months, but Gamecube was different. Pikmin and Smash Brothers came out a few weeks after the launch but before Christmas, so there were at least three games you had to have for Gamecube by the end of 2001.

Xbox: A combination of Fable and Halo 2 put me over the edge. Sure, there was KOTOR 1 and a handful of other good-to-great titles, but Fable and Halo 2 were crucial to the Xbox entering my household.

DS: I wasn't completely sold on the DS until I played New Super Mario Bros. and realized that it wasn't just going to be niche stuff and gimmicky non-games like Nintendogs. So I came full circle from my parents getting me a NES with Super Mario Bros. to getting a DS (Lite) for New Super Mario Bros.


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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #3 on: 15 Aug 2007, 09:05 »

NES - me and my sister begged my parents for it for a long long time, and eventually they got it for us.
Super NES - All my friends had one, so I told my parents all I wanted for my birthday and nothing else was a super NES.  and I got it.
Playstation - My neighbor had one and I hung out at his house all the time.  I started to love it and finally got one...somehow.  Probably a gift since I was too young for a job then.
Playstation 2 - Well I loved the amazing-ness that was Playstation, and I think I finally had a job at this point (it might have just been mowing lawns or working at panera) and I saved up and bought it.

Wow that's the last one I owned.  I never really bought a system for one game come to think of it.  My roommate now owns a wii, and we jointly own a 360, but he's going to buy my half from me when we move out.  and I call myself a gamer!


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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #4 on: 15 Aug 2007, 09:19 »

Fatal Fury Special convinced me that I HAD to have a Neo-Geo.
The rest of the Fatal Fury games, KoF, & Some of the shooters (Blazing Star!!!) convinced me to keep it.

RE4 & Auto Modellista made me get a GC.
Everything else just kinda drifted in & out.

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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #5 on: 15 Aug 2007, 12:05 »

I bought a 360 for Dead Rising and Oblivion, a Wii for Zelda and Smash Brothers, and a PS2 for shitloads of RPGs, because I got it late in its lifespan. The unusual one is the DS, because it wasn't a single game that pushed me to buy it, but rather the release of the DS Lite. I was sort of on the fence until they announced the revision, so then I just preordered that and got it on the first day and then bought all the DS games I had been considering before.
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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #6 on: 15 Aug 2007, 12:57 »

I bought a 360 for Oblivion first (because my computer can't run it very well), and because of Mass Effect and a few others down the line (this was before Bioshock was even  announced).  Now, I'm just so glad I have one, because there have been quite a few really good games out and some really good ones coming. 

And that's the only one I bought for a game.  The others were due to popular demand.
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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #7 on: 15 Aug 2007, 13:57 »

SNES was purchased for Super Mario World, and Kirby (This was before I had discovered RPGs)
Sega was purchased for Sonic
Playstation was purchased for Wild Arms, and Final Fantasy VII
Playstation 2 was purchased for Final Fantasy X and Suikoden III
Wii was purchased for Zelda and Super Smash Bros
360 was purchased for Blue Dragon
DS was purchased for Final Fantasy III and Kirby Squeak Squad
PSP was purchased for Jeane D'Arc and Final Fantasy Tactics
PS3 will eventually be purchased for Prototype, Last Remenant, and FFXIII


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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #8 on: 15 Aug 2007, 14:39 »

I don't think a single game has ever pushed me over the top to get a console, but there are a few games that have made me super excited to actually own the console.

PSX was Saga Frontier II
GC was Super Mario Sunshine
PS3 was MLB The Show and Heavenly Sword

but I wouldn't have bought any of those consoles for just those games, and not any others.


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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #9 on: 15 Aug 2007, 23:07 »

Exclusive games are the only reason I buy consoles anymore, as I far prefer PC games. Anyways, my list:

N64: Mario Kart and 007: GoldenEye

PS2: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Gamecube: Super Smash Brothers Melee

Xbox 360: I actually bought my Xbox while on an extended trip in the hospital, and that plus relatives willing to head down to Rogers to rent games really, really helped pass the time. I don't actually own any incredible titles (Chromehounds is fun with people, and Rainbow Six Vegas was decent), but I continually rent titles for it. GTAIV and Mass Effect will be my killer app titles for the console.
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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #10 on: 19 Aug 2007, 09:56 »

This has only happened once or twice. Okay, three times.

PS2: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. I was a huge fan of the second one, and when I first heard about THPS3, I was ecstatic. I read the EGM article on it over and over again, and when I finally went out and rented the PS1 version of the third one...everything was really underwhelming and it felt and looked and played almost exactly like the second one, just in new environments. Even the create-a-skater was exactly the same. So, this convinced me to get a PS2.

Xbox: KOTOR. I got the PC version, and sure enough, my computer wasn't advanced enough to even allow me to make it past the first level. But what I played was excellent, so I decided to go for it and buy one.

Xbox 360: Oblivion. It was around E3 '05, and I was trying to decide which next-gen console was worth my dollar. Then, I read somewhere that Oblivion would be a 360 exclusive. I was a huge fan of the previous Elder Scrolls installment, Morrowind, so this gave the 360 the edge in my mind. The more I read about the 360 and its games, the more interested in it I became. Then, come launch day (or, at least soon afterwards), I had one.


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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #11 on: 19 Aug 2007, 13:55 »

NES: We had it before I was born
SNES: same as NES
Game Boy Color: For Pokemon Gold then some burglars stole the GBC and Pokemon along with my 4 N64 controllers and some N64 games
Game Boy Advance: For Mario Kart but my parents didn't bought me Mario Kart, they bought me Wario Land 4
N64: Super Mario 64 and Star Fox 64
Playstation 2: For a Digimon battle game and for some Looney Tunes games, someone stole the console
Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Melee but I got Luigi's Mansion instead
Wii: Metroid Prime 3, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #12 on: 20 Aug 2007, 07:41 »

NES: We got that for Super Mario and Tennis.
SNES: Street Fighter II Turbo. Also I really liked Donkey Kong Country.
N64: Mario 64 was the deal breaker for me. That game was freakin' awesome but the two Zelda's were the crowning glories if you ask me.
XBox: Halo, no question.
GameCube: Twilight Princess. I actually got Metroid Prime 2: Echoes first but that's because I had to wait for Twilight.

Next one up is the XBox 360 and my brother and I are getting it for Oblivion. Plus there are a bunch of other awesome games and I'm hoping to see another installment of the Prince of Persia series.
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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #13 on: 20 Aug 2007, 09:16 »

The first Halo game got me to desire an Xbox.  My dad bought my brother and I one, with two controllers and Halo: Combat Evolved.  Those were good times.


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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #14 on: 21 Aug 2007, 12:09 »

Wiisports for the wii
Halo for the xbox, So not worth it..
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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #15 on: 22 Aug 2007, 13:51 »

Every Nintendo Console - Nintendo 1st Party titles (Had the NES when I was 2 since my brother wanted it. Thank god for gateway addictions and brothers who never got all that interested in video games.)

Playstation - Final Fantasy 7

PS2 - Katamari Damacy (Seriously, that's about it.)

360 - Dead Rising, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Viva Pinata

I almost bought the original X-Box because of Fable. God i was so relieved I didn't buy it when i got to play it.

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Re: What game convinced you to buy a console?
« Reply #16 on: 23 Aug 2007, 01:49 »

Sega Master System 2: A tie between Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Alex Kidd in Miracle World

N64: Goldeneye

GBC: Pokemon Yellow

GCN: Eternal Darkness

PS2: GTA: San Andreas

NDS: There wasn't really one sole game, a few looked pretty rad.

I'm also saving up for a new computer for the sole purpose of playing BioShock.
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