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Author Topic: so...Gamefly?  (Read 3707 times)

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« on: 14 Jan 2010, 17:07 »

Been putting alot of thought into signing up for Gamefly lately and I was just wondering if any of you guys used it and what your thoughts were on the service.

I did the math and for the price of about three new games per year, I can play unlimited games for as long as I want. Mathmatically speaking, I'd be a moron NOT to sign up for Gamefly, considering how many different games I want to play, but would never be able to justify spending full price on.

Anyway, I just wanted to hear some justifications for something my subconscious has probably already committed to doing, that trecherous bastard.
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Re: so...Gamefly?
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jan 2010, 22:18 »

It's a pretty sweet deal. Never go for the single disc though, always go for the 2+ games deal. The return time isn't bad, but especially if you return one on a weekend, it can be several days before you get a new one. The only real downside I recall to it was that new releases are damn near impossible to get ahold of.


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Re: so...Gamefly?
« Reply #2 on: 15 Jan 2010, 13:01 »

new releases are damn near impossible to get ahold of.


We had is for free for a month, and basically only wanted to it to try a few games we weren't 100% certain we wanted. There was a lot of new releases out that month, and we wanted to try quite a few of them, and could not get one.

Also, they are really hard to deal with if a game they send you has scratches. Basically, you need to send it back the day you get it, otherwise they'll say you caused them.
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