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Author Topic: A storyline!  (Read 2962 times)


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A storyline!
« on: 26 Aug 2007, 02:37 »


For the last few months, I've been having these thoughts that sorta pop into my head in movie form, and I just realized the past few sketches I made had to do with those thoughts. I started to write down what I was thinking in my notebook, and it just came to me... Well... Here it goes. I kind of have trouble with getting my thoughts out.... but... bare with me ^_^;;

The mental images going through my head are of a team. Of two people. They have no background really, but I know that for a long time, they have been loyal companions to each other. I've seen them fight against creatures, and other people, and travel, sometimes on horseback, by foot, and once even by chocobo lol >.> I've seen one dangling from a cliff, holding on for dear life 50 feet over a pit of lava... and then the camera in my mind looks up and sees the smiling face of a friend, and a hand waiting to help pull them up. But over time, they encounter things that have indirect influences of darkness. I have seen them fighting, because one of the two slowly becomes corrupt by a dark force. Every time they run into these choices, one of the protagonists seems to be drawn in by the evil, but always snapped out of it by the other one. Like this one scene where they were in a room with tons of gold and treasure and what not, and everyone but one of the heroes stayed behind, hesitating to leave all that treasure, that power behind. But the other one comes back and ( well... theres no voices in this... ) and tell him come on, what are you still doing here. Eventually though, They come to a place along their journey that's like an obsidian cave. And they somehow end up fighting. The hero and the ex-hero (I'll just call them that, I didn't give them names because they are unneccesary). The ex-hero driven by the powers of darkness, which make him stronger, for the hero is neither fighting for good nor evil. But somehow, the battle favors the hero. The anti hero drops his sword, and in pain teleports away. The hero looks over at the sword, only feet away from him, and picks it up. This is when he realizes he must fight for good, for the light inside him is strong, and I could tell it was all along.

Anyway, again I'm sorry for my hard time getting my thoughts across, as I've seen a lot of scenes about this that I can't exactly recall. But a little while back, I began having ideas for an animation called "The Archangel" And I think that these thoughts I've been having are teh prelude to that. Before I started writing down my thoughts, I had drawn a picture of a boy wearing armor, holding a black katana. And I thought that maybe that that's the hero from my thoughts. Anyway, here is the next part.

"The Archangel"

It is years later from the previous scene, and theres a great war. The sky is dark and the land is destroyed. Two armies are lined up and staring at eachother across teh wartorn battlefield. Then, an arrow. The first arrow strikes and all war breaks out. It zooms in on a few one on one fights, and then after a few, out of that last zoom in, the camera looks up at the dark clouds. Lightning flickers across teh sky, and you notice a cloud beginning to spiral in teh center. You see the dark sky behind it, but also a figure who shines of silver armor and wears a light blue tunic under neath the armor. He slams to the ground in a kneeling position, dust and dirt swirls around and outwards frmo the impact, a silver sword in his hand. He stands up and immediately knows which side he was sent to fight for. He begins attacking with nearly god-like form and grace. After he kills a few soldiers (more zoom in close combat fights) he stand, looking around the battle field, no one within 10 feet around him, a clearing. He looks down, and you notice his facial expression changes. It is not his shadow that he sees. It is a familiar, inky black silhouette... It's face then grins a fangy smile and leaps from under his feet and tackles him. It has black tendrils that whip around wildly from its back as it pins the angel down...

And that's all I have so far. It really just sorta came to me over the last few months... So I decided I may even try to turn this into an animation, or at least a story for school or something. Here I have some pictures... Actually, no lol just one picture, the only one thats worth showing (the rest are just stupid little sketches)

So... tell me what you think of the idea, etc... Keep trying to work with it? if you understood any of what I just tryed to explain lol...

I described it as two armors staring each others down, that was a spelling mistake probably for being up at 5 in the monring ^_^;; now it's "armies" as I meant it. Tell me if you see anything else that don't make sense xD
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Re: A storyline!
« Reply #1 on: 26 Aug 2007, 17:11 »

Man, that's pretty damn cool... i love obsessin over that kinda thing aand buildin it up in my mind. Cool drawing as well... nice work.
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