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Author Topic: Tipping comics?  (Read 3390 times)


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Tipping comics?
« on: 09 Mar 2008, 14:44 »

I read QC and some other comics, but I thought people around here would be more knowledgeable about the topic in general.

We're building a website that makes it easy, free and social to tip stuff online:
People can tip as small an amount as they like, we batch these intentions together and when we receive payment for a batch of tips, the tipjar owner can cash the money out.

When we set out to build it, it struck as how tipping would be a particularly good match for webcomics. Comics have very loyal fans and it looks like it's pretty difficult to target ads to comics properly.

We're very interested in what you think? Would you tip a comic (regularly)? And if you wrote a comic would you think tipping is a good way to receive money?

Thanks for your feedback.
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