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  • 25 Oct 2021, 14:16
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Author Topic: Hobo by Eddy Joe Cotton... anyone else read this book comments/thoughts  (Read 2048 times)


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Hobo is a non-fiction book autobiograph about a young mans journey at 19 (i think) of leaving his dad's work to go tramping across the states as a hobo riding the rails to try and get to mexico. i really liked it, although sometimes its kinda difficult to follow because it uses a lot of the hobo lingo and it's written just how an everyday person thinks and talks, but that is also the reasons i liked it. a young guy probably not much different from me on his own modern "spirit-quest" to find himself. how many have just wanted to pack a bag and run away into an adventure... i would like to see someday how someone would adapt in on screen, but that's me. check it out if you havn't yet
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