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Author Topic: The Most emo/depressing lyrics  (Read 75441 times)


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Re: The Most emo/depressing lyrics
« Reply #150 on: 20 Mar 2008, 22:09 »

Life Long Tragedy -- Collecting Dust

On track to an early grave
And I don't stand a chance against
The monsters that my mind creates
I don't want to be here, I just want to be numb
Escape the fucking people that believe in the system
You know they're watching
Counting on your mistakes
Waiting for failure
Can you carry the weight?
Once had a future, now I'm watching it die
Damn my reflection in the shadows of night
Listen closely, hear the whole world crumbling
Slowly breaking, patiently dissolving
I'm disgusted, with being spoon-fed my death
I can taste it

Fuck my soul for collecting dust
I was down and out in the winter months
When I lost old friends that I used to trust
And left promises out in the rain to rust
Maybe I'm losing control
Cough up my lungs with the cynical
The older I get, still can't shake the doubt
Still dwell on the shit that drips out your mouth

So let it be known
Let the fucking truth be told
You'll do your best to establish a life
On someone else's time
Your spirit's only borrowed...
And all you know
You miss the days
When you could've changed
Old stupid ways
And all the stars in your eyes
Have made it hard
To even want to be alive anymore

Converge -- Conduit

There was nothing that I ever wanted more
than for you to hold this deep within your heart
To lay beside me as my halo bums deep to cinder
and to the wale me from my tired life
To give this ghost a home again
When you fall short and I fall short
this is where I pretend I'm as tall as the sky
Now there is no comfort in your apology
and no comfort in this shame
This is where I can duck for cover
from the overwhelming, from the forever overhead
For the heart, for old time's sake, I'll stay warm with this
Numb from the neck up
She married me with a sypathy kiss
She married me with her heart shaped tomb
These days daydreams don't burn as bright as they us to
and your broken promises are boiling over
Every syllable my swinging hammer
and every hesitation is a loss to them
In the name of those lost to you
for them this time it is war
For me it's easier to just walk away
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