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Make requests in this thread. Creative requests are more likely to be filled than boring "Draw me like a QC character!" crap. Also if they are too complicated I will not draw them either. Also it has to be legible at 125x125px because that is what size they will probably be.

I will do these until I get tired of them, at which point I will stop.

Jeph I do not want a hamster with a boner but anything else is fine, really.
There are not many clever puns or visual jokes you could use for Lunchbox, and I would want it to kind of fit. I will have to think about this whilst I am at work unless someone else can come up with a stellar idea.

Would you be so kind as to draw a sandworm with a snowman on it?

mario having sex with. . .well, pretty much anything.  mario having sex.

You like Mass Effect, no? How about an avatar of Wrex... playing the congas or something. Or crying like a little girl. Whatever you feel like drawing.

Or better yet, an Elcor doing something, playing bass guitar or having an adverse reaction to a Mars Volta song or something. Probably easier to draw, and generally more awesome.


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