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Author Topic: Who snowboards/skis?  (Read 16053 times)


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Re: Who snowboards/skis?
« Reply #50 on: 02 Jan 2008, 21:18 »

There once was this tv comercial for Hall's (i think) where the dad was at the top of the hill and the kids are like "aughh come on dad your bumming us out" next thing he's in a steam room and some russian guy smacks him on the back and tells him "breath BREATH my paisty little friend" after that he's up on the hill again but now actually skiing. I seem to think if i ever go skiing that might be me.
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Re: Who snowboards/skis?
« Reply #51 on: 03 Jan 2008, 09:49 »

I enjoy snowboarding when I can but not so much skiing, I can do both at a competant level but rite now both my boards are in my dads attic and I just take the boots and hire a board which sucks because I like my flow bindings more than life itself.

Snowboarding is my second or third favourite thing to do ever.

cheers toboat >.>
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Re: Who snowboards/skis?
« Reply #52 on: 03 Jan 2008, 10:08 »

hite a board?
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Re: Who snowboards/skis?
« Reply #53 on: 04 Jan 2008, 11:06 »

I grew up in the Black Hills and was skiing for most of my life. Now I live in the middle of the damn Great Plains. We have a hill near where I live, the chair lift takes 5 minutes to get to the top and it takes approximately 20 seconds to get to the bottom. Thus I don't get out on the hill very often even though we have had great snow recently. I guess I either need to get off my high horse or figure out how to get to Colorado or Wyoming, ah Jackson Hole I dream of you often.
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