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Who snowboards/skis?

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I'm going snowboarding today!  Woot!  First time in a while, and I'm super stoked.  Is there anyone else on the Great QC Forums that skis or snowboards?

Cross-country is what I do as well. Lovely fun in the woods climbing mountains and crossing solid lakes. My favorite place in the whole world is Birch Brook nordic ski club up here in Labrador. Honestly, I think I look forwards to seeing it more than most people I knew in high school when I come home.

I want to start cross-country. Seems like a really good workout.

It's an amazing workout. Amazing.
Tragically, I don't do it too often. My friend summed it up best by saying, in reference to cross country skiing somewhere like southern Ontario (where I now live): "I'm from Labrador. That'd be kind of like making out with a twelve year old."

I ski downhill, pretty fast. Sometimes I jump over things! Chamonix is nice.


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