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  • 25 Oct 2021, 12:15
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Author Topic: Gotta love film festivals....  (Read 1815 times)


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Gotta love film festivals....
« on: 24 Jan 2008, 13:04 »

My university is doing a French film festival next week and will be playing multiple films throughout the week. This is the play list:

Public Fears in Private Places--Great film that any self respecting indie film buff should have seen at least once in the native French. Portrays extremely awkward and painful scenes that still manage to be humorous and touching. A definite recommend for anyone interested in foreign films. We all know the stereotype that exists with the French idea of love and sex, but this really puts it into context and is an enjoyable watch overall. Spectacular acting from Pierre Arditi of French and Italian T.V fame. Fairly good performance from Lambert Wilson as well.

Days of Glory--Haven't seen this one. French WWII film that should give a curious look into the occupation. Follows the story of North African soldiers who were enlisted into the French army to fight against the Nazi's. If anyone has seen this, let me know.

Gabrielle--Another I haven't had the opportunity to see yet. Interpretation of Conrad's "The Return." I am personally a fan of Joseph Conrad and as such am looking forward to this film. Once again, let me know.

Lady Chatterly--Once again, pretty standard fare for those familiar with foreign films last year. Won best film at the Cesar awards, and deserved it. Wonderful retelling of Lawrence's "Lady Chatterly's Lover," directed and written by Pascale Ferran. Ferran does an excellent job of portraying Lawrence's inherent eroticism and obsession with sex. The female touch of the director helps to mellow the sensual to more intimate. Very well done with great acting. Check it out if you are comfortable with a movie about (in a sense) sex. Another film that lends to an understanding of the position (no pun intended) sex has in personal understanding.

Into Great Silence--A documentary on monastic living. Sounds very interesting, but I will wait until viewing to pass any judgment. Any opinions on this one?
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