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Author Topic: Anyone else notice Faye's problems -go away- when she's around Sven?  (Read 24509 times)


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It just seems to happen naturally, she's too busy taking her pointed love out on Sven instead of the bottle.


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I'm not so sure that they "go away"... They just get easier to deal with cuz she knows he won't let her start moaning and groaning and feeling sorry for herself. Dora and Marten (while still her best friends) are just too nice about life; they want to help Faye with her problems but (a) are no longer in the prime position to do that since they hooked up and (b) tend to help her by listening and smiling and letting her roll with it, because they're nice people. They don't want her to feel bad. They also don't want to piss her off, esp. Marty (Dora seems to be getting over this recently, particularly after their midnight chat.) This isn't to say that Sven isn't compassionate or sympathetic, but he's not about to let Faye walk all over him-- and herself-- in the process of feeling like shit.


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Couldn't the same be said about Hanners?

The reason she has problems around Dora and Marten is because it IS freaking awkward. It's a third wheel sort of thing, and besides, Faye used to like Marten. She'd always go to Hannelore for support, and Hanners always made her feel better.

So I don't see the relation, unless we expect Faye to have a threesome with Hanners and Sven.


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The gF

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Looks to me like she already got whacked another way.

Horizontally, and all.
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