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Author Topic: Tetris Cookies!  (Read 13025 times)

Doug S. Machina

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Re: Tetris Cookies!
« Reply #100 on: 13 Mar 2008, 05:28 »

Oh yes. You haven't lived until you've been BAM ed in HD.

Regarding Degrassi: The great/terrible/hilarious thing about it is that every possible life tragedy has happened to one of the kids in this small group of friends by the time they're all 18. Crippled by a gunshot? Check. Anorexia? Check. Getting Pregnant? Check. Parents divorced? Check. Sexual Insecurity? Testicular Cancer? Check.

Sounds like Eastenders. I thought American soaps were all about people living unattainable high-flying lives, while British soaps were about the crushing misery of life. (Apart from Hollyoaks, which is about totty.)

Mind you, I don't watch any of them, so I may be mistaken.
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Re: Tetris Cookies!
« Reply #101 on: 13 Mar 2008, 07:40 »

I can't watch more than about 10 minutes of Adam Sessler without wanting to punch him in the face.

Ditto. Because he's effing annoying.

MythBusters is on Discovery, therefore making it one of the best channels ever. If it decided to show reruns of Bill Nye, then it would be #1.
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