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  • 16 Jan 2022, 02:09
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Author Topic: Get off my lawn!  (Read 62745 times)


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Re: Get off my lawn!
« Reply #500 on: 31 Mar 2008, 05:35 »

I read it as more of a pointer that the media perception of drugs is often "only poor kids with no hope and no future do drugs" which is totally bullshit. Then the second part was admitting that it wasn't someone else's fault.

I read somewhere (and I can't remember anything about the article except the general premise so I can't link to it) that there is believed to be far more abuse and drug use in middle class families than was ever known before, because it tends to get hushed up. Families with a steady income and children with good grades at school are less likely to be involved with government agencies like social workers and the like, so problems don't get discovered by the state and therefore are not included in statistics. Also, there is evidence that middle class people have better health in general, so they'd not be seeing doctors as often and therefore issues with drugs might not be noticed (sorry, can't find anything to cite this to but I think it was a survey we studied in Sociology). I don't know how much this applies to other countries than the UK but I'd imagine it does to varying extents.
There's this really handy "other thing" I'm going to write as a footnote to my abstract that I can probably explore these issues in. I think I'll call it my "dissertation."
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