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Author Topic: Anyone Know Anything About Making Short Videos and/or e. e. cummings?  (Read 4828 times)


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I do hope this is the right section for this; it's kind of a craft?

Anyways, so for English class we were supposed to make a visual representation (teacher's intention: comic) of a poem we studied, so I decided upon a short video that translated the e. e. cummings poem anyone lived in a pretty how town into a video. I was hoping to get some actual critique on it, but  I haven't yet so I thought I'd post it here and see what people thought.

Here's the poem:
(Read the poem first, or the video will make no sense)

Here's the video, I put it on my DA:
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i was really hoping it would pan to you with 'fro and i would hear "happy trees"

really, it's not bad. the music matches the mood of the poem and your drawing dosen't get very boring like most sketch-a-picture-in-one-continuous-frame flicks do.

high five!

now, i would get rid of the square logos on the vid and maybe speed up the intro. if you could, it would look great if you were to immediately splash the template with more color, i mean color that rapes the fucking eyes from your sockets. less white is good, imho. but yeah, good english vid. i had made a few in my h.s. career as well.
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