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Author Topic: Playlists for get-togethers/parties  (Read 2266 times)


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Playlists for get-togethers/parties
« on: 30 Mar 2008, 16:02 »

So I went to a small party last night at my old roomies' apartment, and he has a good knack of putting together playlists for things like that, the type that really foster a chill atmosphere. The entire list is well over a hundred songs, but I'll throw out a few to give you guys the idea. What type of mixes/playlists do you put together for an apartment party? Any tracks you really reccomend?
Aqeous Transmission -Incubus
Lebanese Blond- Theivery Corporation
Brothers on a Hoyel Bed- Death Cab
Recycled Air- The Postal Service
D.C. Sleeps Alone Tonight- Postal Service
Natural One- Folk Implosion
Wandering Star- Portishead
you get the idea...
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Re: Playlists for get-togethers/parties
« Reply #1 on: 30 Mar 2008, 16:22 »

For the kind of atmosphere you describe, you can't go wrong some Boards of Canada or A Tribes Called Quest.


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Re: Playlists for get-togethers/parties
« Reply #2 on: 30 Mar 2008, 16:34 »

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Re: Playlists for get-togethers/parties
« Reply #3 on: 30 Mar 2008, 16:50 »

If it's just a couple of people sitting around chatting I'd probably put some downtempo dubstep on, or maybe a couple of Sandy Denny records. I doubt I'd bother making much of a playlist since it would just be there to sit in the background. But if it was anything approaching a party then I'd be playing things like E-40, Skepta, Dead Kennedys, Fig 4.0, Kid Dynamite, Red Forty, Gorilla Biscuits, Benga, DJ Scotch Egg, Public Enemy, Roll Deep, Wu-Tang Clan, Saves The Day, Beat Happening, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Cub... things you can dance to or engage in some silliness with.
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Re: Playlists for get-togethers/parties
« Reply #4 on: 30 Mar 2008, 17:13 »

I usually put on some Broken Social Scene.  Mostly just mellow rock music.


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Re: Playlists for get-togethers/parties
« Reply #5 on: 30 Mar 2008, 21:20 »

I would recommend Bonde do role.  Although that's with a bumpin' party situation.


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Re: Playlists for get-togethers/parties
« Reply #6 on: 30 Mar 2008, 22:03 »

For me, I like to scope out how the party is doing and pick albums accordingly.

Sometimes I DJ playlists, but only on the fly - I don't like doing them in advance and just setting them. I like the flexibility of being able to pick up on a party getting a bit more energetic and adding tunes to suit, or even trying to inspire it to do so if it's getting a little bit tepid. Conversely, sometimes people are obviously just in for a chill and so I try and mood-match accordingly.

I tend to start at the downtempo/more relaxed end of the spectrum (think Mice Parade, Boards of Canada, Matthew Dear, Lali Puna, Yo La Tengo, Sigur Ros etc) and depending on what happens work up to a mix of dance and rock tunes. Sometimes people express approval for a particular band or genre - that's a good cue as to how to refine your future selections.

It's really good fun - the key is to not become more interested in your mix than your friends, which sometimes I struggle with. If I find that's happening, I try and do a good 20-30 minute block of songs and tune out for a bit.
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