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Author Topic: Merch problems.  (Read 3827 times)


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Merch problems.
« on: 28 Apr 2008, 21:34 »

So, I've read a lot of these "bitchcomplain where is my shirt" threads around, and I figured since the huge burst of them about a month ago, which all ended with "It's just the Cristmas rush" Or "Yay my shirt's here", that I too, would soon receive my Evolution Kills shirt.

It was a gift from a friend of mine, who ordered on the 15th of January. The money order was sent the same day, and then there was a waiting period of about 3-4 weeks before she talked to Cristi via AIM about the progress of the shirt. Cristi said that it should be there any day, which implies that there were no problems, it went out fine, no complications, etc. Around March 1st, an email was sent speaking of "electronic notification", which meant they were waiting for the package but hadn't sent it yet. Between the beginning and middle of April, she again IM'd Cristi asking why the tracking information still stated that the package had not physically been given to the UPS yet. She said it was likely just because we're in Canada, and tracking doesn't work very well out of the country. Also, that the package should be here any day now. Really recently now, my friend has tried to talk to Cristi about it but once the convo went from "hi, how are you?" and onto "any word on the shirt?" Cristi promptly logged off.

Now, I know from all of the other threads like this that politeness is awesome sauce but we've been polite without any harrassment, and I think this is getting ridiculous.  More importantly, at least to me, is that it says right on the merch page that "All orders should ship within 2-4 weeks, although times may vary." To me, "times may vary" implies two months, tops, and if it takes two months or longer that there will be a logical reason provided for it. Also, I know that this is a two-man operation at QC, but I've orderered things from Portugal and it's gotten to me faster. Come on, guys, it's only Canada.
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