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Author Topic: Tattoos  (Read 3096 times)


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« on: 09 May 2008, 09:26 »

A tattoo is always something I've wanted, and this talk of tats in QC has inspired me to maybe move getting a tattoo up many places on my to-do list. Not being entirely sure as to what to get, any suggestions?


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Re: Tattoos
« Reply #1 on: 09 May 2008, 09:41 »

I can see where the comic connection is, but you might get more answers over here.

But please, don't get some stupid symbol or word from another language unless you know what it means and it's relevant to you. Chinese for the sake of it (or Japanese, or Elvish, or whatever) really just looks silly.
There's this really handy "other thing" I'm going to write as a footnote to my abstract that I can probably explore these issues in. I think I'll call it my "dissertation."

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Re: Tattoos
« Reply #2 on: 09 May 2008, 11:25 »

Best advice I can give is to get a tatoo of something that is relevant to you and that will remain so.  This is a serious decision to modify your body, and if you are not 100% able to look at the design everyday until the day you die, don't do it.

Examples of tats that will be relevant:

Names of your children (they won't change, but you may not always be married to the same person...);
Family Coats of arms;
Regimental crests.
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Re: Tattoos
« Reply #3 on: 09 May 2008, 13:36 »

My children are the same as they were, but one of them has changed his name; so that wouldn't be too good, either.  Basically (in my view), permanent tatoos that are not pretty much abstract are a rather crap idea.

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