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Author Topic: Disappointed :(  (Read 4183 times)


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Disappointed :(
« on: 16 May 2008, 08:29 »

I wanted a hoodie, but never got it. This is my story.

On 2/27/2008 I placed an order for a hoodie, $45. I did not realize it took 2-4 weeks to be shipped. My fault for not reading, but still, a month is a really long time, eh?

Anywho, 6 weeks passed and my hoodie still wasn't shipped. To make things worse, I was about to move and didn't want my hoodie going to the wrong address. So I sent this e-mail to qcmerch on 4/12/2008:

Subject: Hoodie never arrived, and I'm moving.


I ordered a hoodie back in February, and never got it. And I'll be moving in a week. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't receive it yet, since it's starting to get warm here and I probably won't get to wear it until fall. :(

I'm just guessing it's because you're horrendously backed up.

But if you could please, ship the hoodie to the same address, but to apartment #XXX instead of #YYY.

Thanks a bunch. I'm forwarding the PayPal confirmation I got for your reference.


*paypal receipt here*

4 days passed and I didn't hear back. Now it's getting really close to my move date, so I sent another email on 4/16/2008:

Subject: Fwd: Hoodie never arrived, and I'm moving.

Hi, I wanted to ping you guys again since I never heard back. I just want to make sure I won't lose the hoodie when I move.

Thanks, original message below.

*first email here, which includes paypal receipt*

The next day, 4/17/2008, I got an e-mail... but it was obviously a template e-mail to say that my order had been shipped. To my old address. My 2 previous e-mails were never acknowledged.

So, checking online, I see that my hoodie arrived at my old address on 4/21/2008, which I no longer lived at. I do have address forwarding, and have had other mail successfully forwarded to me, but no hoodie. I have no idea where my hoodie is. Maybe someone else is wearing it.

I am disappointed that it took 7 weeks for my hoodie to be delivered (to the wrong address). I am also disappointed that 2 of my emails were ignored, even though I used a very succinct and descriptive subject in hopes that they wouldn't be glossed over. And finally, it kind of sucks that I spent $45 and got nothing. I was happy to support the comic, but I feel a little cheated.

I know this is partially the postal service's fault for not forwarding my package, and also just a bit of bad luck that I moved, but I feel like those complications could have been avoided entirely, simply by shipping on time or answering my emails.

I'm not asking that another hoodie be sent to me. It's too hot to wear now anyway, and I'm bitter enough that I wouldn't want to wear it. I'm just hoping that the management sees this, and maybe some buyers, too. Buyer beware.


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Re: Disappointed :(
« Reply #1 on: 16 May 2008, 10:36 »

Well as long as there's a "customer service sucks" thread, I'll repost what I posted in the Tshirt thread yesterday.

I'm appologizing in advance for this ... I don't think the forum is the most appropriate way to do this but I'm running out of options.

I ordered a Men's XL Evolution Kills shirt.

I received a Women's XL Bella Evolution Kills shirt.

This seems like it should be easy enough to resolve, but I've emailed [email protected] three times over the past month (4/15, 4/24, 5/2) and have received no replies.

In general, I like webcomic people so I'm trying my best to give the benefit of the doubt here, but feeling preetay, preetay, preetay ripped off right about now and would like a little communication.


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Re: Disappointed :(
« Reply #2 on: 16 May 2008, 11:22 »

:( Isnt' that terrible?
I bought the "I Feel Pretty" totebag (by Credit Card since my PayPal account is inactive). Was billed 4-18-2008, I'm coming up on a Month. I've also emailed with no replies.

Sure, its only 14 dollars, but I am expecting to hear something.  I know I"m just hitting 4 weeks, so I am very willing to wait a bit longer.

Maybe I"m doing something wrong. Any insight? ^^
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Re: Disappointed :(
« Reply #3 on: 16 May 2008, 13:19 »

We're catching up on a lot of orders this week and next week- Cristi packed 8 days' worth of orders last night and will be doing the same all weekend.

Once again, the forum is not the appropriate place for this kind of discussion, but I recognize your confusion and frustration and will say that we are taking steps to improve our work process, including customer service.
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