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Author Topic: T-Shirt woes  (Read 30874 times)


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Re: T-Shirt woes
« Reply #50 on: 13 Apr 2008, 11:03 »

Hello everyone!

I ordered (and payed) three t-shirts some while ago (4th of February) to Germany. Well, I received a package, but it contained only two of the three t-shirts! However, on the USPS-note (the Customs Declaration) three t-shirts were marked, so I am not very optimistic that Cristi sent out the third one in a separate package.

Can you resend the shirt? (My girlfriend really wants her Evolution kills shirt. Now. And I have to endure her frustration...)
Do I have to do something about it, like emailing or calling USPS? Scanning the Customs Declaration or photographing the package?

I already sent qcmerch an email about it, but it seems to be stuck in the usual backlog. Well, the name was Bernhard Brehm and the email address was berniefox at gmx dot de.



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Re: T-Shirt woes
« Reply #51 on: 10 May 2008, 10:25 »

Hi.... I have another issue to add to the shrinking pile. I ordered an 'evolution kills' shirt on april 17th; the only email I received was my paypal receipt.  I've sent three messages to [email protected] over the past few weeks (about one each week) and none of them have been replied to; I think the spam monster attacked and they were trashed.  :cry:
 i'm almost positive that the email it came from was starlight /dot/ epiphany /at/ gmail /dot/ com but it might have been misticloudz /at/ hotmail /dot/ com if i was having a brain fart that day. 
next time you have a few minutes to spare cristi, would you mind taking a look? i'd really appreciate it!
thanks so much.
Tiff  :-)
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Re: T-Shirt woes
« Reply #52 on: 10 May 2008, 12:15 »

I should think it's probably pretty obvious what I'm gonna say, but hey...

I ordered the music+science t-shirt in march (I think) and I haven't had anything about it...
What bothers me more is no reply to the e-mails I've sent (to more than one QC contact address) I know it's annoying, but I'd really like some kind of info on my order, even if thats to say that it won't be coming, something would be nice please...


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Re: T-Shirt woes
« Reply #53 on: 12 May 2008, 03:42 »

I ordered a "Coffee of Doom" t-shirt two months ago today... I am marking this anaversary as a major event in my relationship with the interblag. On the downside, It wasn't here in time for my birthday, and I don't mind waiting considering the quality of the shirt. The quality implying the fact that it is QC related.

Just thought i'd have a whine...


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Re: T-Shirt woes
« Reply #54 on: 16 May 2008, 21:18 »

To you kids talking about March, April, etc... I'm waiting for a shirt from Jan. It looks like it'll be here soon, so... I don't know if that's a "don't lose hope" or, "it could take a while longer".

I have a piece of advice: posting about this on the forum seems to do shit-all. Apparently, e-mailing does shit all as well.
If you have AIM, add Cristi (qcmerch). If you don't have AIM, but really want more info, download it, and go back to step one. She's on... pretty frequently, at least in the evenings, and the majority of the times I IMed her, she responded very politely with what I wanted to know.

So if you really want more info on your order, talk to her in real-time. Much more reliable than an email, I guess.


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