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Author Topic: Summoning, anyone?  (Read 1260 times)


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Summoning, anyone?
« on: 06 Jul 2008, 03:10 »

I've been thrashing their album "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame" for a long time now, and I think it's an absolute beast of an album. I imagine that the sort of super epic, incredibly keyboard vaguely black metal stuff summoning do is hated by some here, liked on an ironic level by some here and hopefully genuinely liked by a few too.

Anyway, while that description (keyboard heavy etc) may turn some people off I really think most people would like this band to some extent; sure, the keys are kind of cheesy and it's pretty freaking repetitive, but it's just so well executed. The keyboards play a heap of pretty sweet lines (and it's all very layered), the drum sound is the hugest thing ever and the whole thing is just so damn entertaining and huge; it's very similar to reading one of those cliched but awesome fantasy trilogies where a dwarf, a sorceror and a barbarian or something go questing, I think I've used this word before but it's just really epic. EPIC.

This thread is about Summoning; discussion of their albums, how awesome they are/how much you hate them, and if there's any bands that do a similar formula bring them up here too.

For those interested, here is my metal archives review of them:

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and here is the place where I downloaded it from a few months ago (bought their whole discography after hearing this for the first time).

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