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Author Topic: Nawlz - semi animated flash comic.  (Read 5186 times)


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Nawlz - semi animated flash comic.
« on: 07 Aug 2008, 18:37 »

So, a friend of a friend put me onto this comic, Nawlz, and I'm loving the shit out of it. It's made and produced by a bunch of Australian guys, it's it's got a wonderful dystopian, cyberpunky, Phillip K. Dick-druggy vibe to it. The art is killer, and the sound design is top-notch.

This is honestly the best thing I've seen for a while. Check it out!
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Re: Nawlz - semi animated flash comic.
« Reply #1 on: 31 Aug 2008, 16:04 »

I really feel like I need to take something before I return to that site.


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Re: Nawlz - semi animated flash comic.
« Reply #2 on: 01 Sep 2008, 09:13 »

I watched all that was on there, and I have to say it is amazing.
I totally understand why it takes so long to put out new episodes... an interactive flash of that detail and that complexity, all to tell a story is just amazing.
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