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Author Topic: Computer keyboards.  (Read 1956 times)


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Computer keyboards.
« on: 14 Aug 2008, 21:46 »

  I know that Machinae Supremacy uses a commodore chip in their keyboards to give them that particular sound. I know Horse the band does the same (except they fail terribly). Can anyone think of any other bands that have a similar sound?


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Re: Computer keyboards.
« Reply #1 on: 14 Aug 2008, 22:01 »


Bands and/or artists using older computer chips such as commodores, segas, gameboys etc. generally come under the "genre" of chiptune. The genre itself is pretty broad, and ranges from band orientated stuff like Amanaguchi or Crystal Castles to purely electronic stuff like Random, Nullsleep or Quarta330, which in itself covers most electronic styles like dub, pop, dubstep, techno, breakbeat, glitch, noise etc.

Go here, here and here. Explore the wonderful world of chiptune at your leisure.

All of the releases on the first netlabel are under Creative Commons, so they're free to download. The second site is a "collective" of artists and enthusiasts in the genre, and it hosts many, many releases as well. The third link is a list of a whole bunch more chiptune/8bit netlabels, most of them with lots of albums free to download.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Computer keyboards.
« Reply #2 on: 14 Aug 2008, 23:31 »

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