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Author Topic: WAR is on it's way.  (Read 15983 times)


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Re: WAR is on it's way.
« Reply #50 on: 12 Oct 2008, 16:35 »

leveling zealot is so difficult. I've had the game for almost a month now and i'm still level 11
also israel


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Re: WAR is on it's way.
« Reply #51 on: 14 Oct 2008, 10:30 »

I've been stuck at 19 due to school work.  Also, I was informed that you shouldn't move into tier 3 until you are level 20, so I'm just kinda pvping in scenarios when I get time.

I'm destro on Bechafen (open RVR server).

Has anyone else noticed that acquiring gold is stupidly easy?  I already have over 40g, even spending the 15g on a mount isnt going to break the bank at all.  I've even bought armor and stuff from the AH (also played the AH a bit, buying low selling high, but maybe only 5 or so gold worth of profit).

Also, on other servers... are people in your AH's charging ridiculous amounts for dyes that are easily obtained from any merchant?  I can understand rarer dyes going for more, but hell, people are selling the vendor colors for 2,3,4+ gold.  I can only imagine what the asking price will be if someone finds/makes black dye.
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Re: WAR is on it's way.
« Reply #52 on: 17 Oct 2008, 00:38 »

My guild just yesterday or so changed server (europe) to start playing order insted. Simply to many playing destruction. But the game apeals me. It's simply a bit more to think about than in WoW (the other MMORPG that I have any experience in). They have a lot of possebilitys that will differ out the bad players from the good ones. And I love how PvP actually is a part of leveling insted of just when your max level.
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Re: WAR is on it's way.
« Reply #53 on: 21 Oct 2008, 03:38 »

Once they make a 40,000 MMO, I'll be their fan.

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