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Author Topic: Tennessee @ UCLA  (Read 7335 times)


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Re: Tennessee @ UCLA
« Reply #50 on: 13 Sep 2008, 23:28 »

USC won at least. I like them until the UCLA-USC game.
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Re: Tennessee @ UCLA
« Reply #51 on: 14 Sep 2008, 07:00 »

While I think it's probably hurting his Heisman numbers, I do like how Mizzou has been pulling Daniel once the game is in the bag.  Can never be too careful

And also, I will be donating an undisclosed sum to SFU's boosters.  Rock Chalk this, bitches


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Re: Tennessee @ UCLA
« Reply #52 on: 14 Sep 2008, 09:53 »

i think losing to notre dame is more shameful

michigan's loss would have been embarassing no matter who the opponent. 6 turnovers? and didn't the qb drop the ball behind him when he pulled back for a pass? unfortunately i was at work and did not get to watch the game...

i am a huge notre dame fan. huge. but even i am not feeling all that good about the season so far. 2 and 0 doesn't mean all that much if the wins are gift wrapped for you. then there are 9 more unranked opponents before USC... the notre dame team is not good, it is just not good. i don't think ND fans should be getting excited about ND's 'return to glory' just yet...
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Re: Tennessee @ UCLA
« Reply #53 on: 14 Sep 2008, 10:07 »

you're right, michigan's loss was shameful. At least it showed that McGuffie has some promise as running back/receiver. He pretty much did all the work for the team.

I'm curious to see if Charlie Weiss goes ahead with the surgery. I really don't like him, but it sucks seeing someone blow a knee. its quite possibly the most painful injury out there.
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