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Author Topic: Persona 3: FES  (Read 24772 times)


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Re: Persona 3: FES
« Reply #50 on: 21 Oct 2008, 20:25 »

One thing that's really great about Persona 3 is that it really doesn't require you to grind at all. In fact, since experience is calculated on a curve and the sections of Tartarus that are open to you is restricted by the calendar date, you could argue the game actively discourages you from grinding.

That was great in theory.  The problem for me was that I like to keep my ladies in style and also buy every damn thing I see.  And buying persona for fusion wasn't cheap.  So I had, uh, money problems.  Spending 2hrs in Tartarus looking for the golden Shadows has been seared into my memory.

Seriously, though, P3 is probably the most balanced SMT game out there (and probably more balanced than 95% of RPGs).  You'll find being careful (with equips, Persona, levels, and S.Links) makes things easier but still challenging enough that you won't have wasted your time.  That's all to say- Don't worry about lvling every Persona you get, just make sure you have a variety of attack types available and upgrade to better Persona as the opportunity presents itself.

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Re: Persona 3: FES
« Reply #51 on: 21 Oct 2008, 22:15 »

 Yeah, if I hadn't grinded for a couple levels at the end of my first time playing the final boss would have been a lot more challenging. To be fair though, I only gained those levels because I went to Monad in my first playthrough. In the original (non-FES) version, you didn't have to kill the Reaper to unlock Monad block, you just had to reach the top of Tartarus.
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Re: Persona 3: FES
« Reply #52 on: 22 Oct 2008, 02:20 »

And beating the Reaper without getting a bunch of levels in Monad is a bitch and a half, let me tell you.
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