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Author Topic: Cintiq (drawing tablet thingy) questions  (Read 2703 times)


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Cintiq (drawing tablet thingy) questions
« on: 03 Nov 2008, 10:03 »

Ok how big are we talking?  What sort of connector?   Is it just a dood-dad or is it an entire cable assembly?   What about the stylus?   How big is that?   We talking pen-sized or smaller?   Pictures with some kind of size  reference could help.

I ask because I have AN IDEA, in order to begin the PROCESS I need the INFORMATION to determine weather or not it's possible to do what I'm thinking.   

 It's no fun to go to a convention and realise you've forgotten something...  I did that once.   Hooooray for overnight UPS AM delivery. 


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Re: Cintiq (drawing tablet thingy) questions
« Reply #1 on: 03 Nov 2008, 10:11 »

Jeph's on his way back now, so overnighting him something wouldn't help. Anyway, I believe this is what Jeph uses most of the time, though I think he might have a smaller one for traveling.
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Re: Cintiq (drawing tablet thingy) questions
« Reply #2 on: 03 Nov 2008, 14:33 »

Oh I'm not overnighting him anything.   

I am a worker of the materials, a maker of things and a designer of stuff, that is why I need to know what these items are/how big they are and whatnot.   

Even if nothing comes of it there is no such thing as a wasted design because every time I use the CAD or work a material I learn, expand and grow.
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