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Author Topic: Messy apartment  (Read 14970 times)


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Re: Messy apartment
« Reply #100 on: 17 Nov 2008, 14:36 »


If someone has Dermatillomania, are they Dermatillic? If so, I am.
I pick at my nails.
During tests, I push my hair back and play with it. It gives me sex hair. xD
I count the steps between cracks and avoid stepping on them. I hate it when the sidewalk is cracked where it's not supposed to be.
I have to use mechanical pencils. I don't like the way regular lead ones feel. I always keep a Papermate Clearpoint with me. Google them. The best pencil evar.
I check behind shower curtains. I always leave mine open when I'm not in the shower.
I do a sort of lucid dream thing where I imagine conversation in advance.
If I get in trouble or something, I always think of a better excuse later.
I'm somewhat of a compulsive liar. I don't tell huge stories, I'll just change details to make something funnier or sound better.

btw, I haven't read past page one so sorry if I repeat.


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Re: Messy apartment
« Reply #101 on: 19 Nov 2008, 22:54 »

Glass shower doors. Yes.
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Re: Messy apartment
« Reply #102 on: 20 Nov 2008, 04:47 »

I used to be terrified of crossing the street. I'd always think of the worst thing that could possibly happen.
A semi would come flying out of the pits of hell and explode me.

I'm getting a little better.
But I still scream inwardly when i have to cross a big one.
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Re: Messy apartment
« Reply #103 on: 20 Nov 2008, 06:59 »

My dad has mirrored shower doors which means that you face yourself as you sit down on the toilet.  Not good.  I just realized, though, that I have never had the urge to check for shower people at his house so I guess it works enough to distract me from my irrational fear.
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