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Author Topic: Metronomy  (Read 1260 times)


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« on: 12 Nov 2008, 13:56 »

I don't agree with the tags. They're electronic musicians, which means anyone can come along and make up a genre. I'm going to go with Electro-Indie, it's bullshit but I like the way it sounds.

These guys are my favourite band of the last few months, I can't stop listening to their albums they have shot to the top of my all time listened to bands on my I suggest checking the below example to sample their talents.

So they are fairly obscure, the only people I've come across IRL who weren't introduced them by me, where the music students that introduced me to them >_> As this is more of a US website I'm guessing they'll be basically unknown. So check them out and get addicted (or not, depending on your taste)


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Re: Metronomy
« Reply #1 on: 12 Nov 2008, 16:43 »

As they are an electronic band and the fact that i've seen them live where they used 1 guitar, 2 synths and a saxophone i'd say that i pretty much agree with the electro/electronica tags. They're a good band but they sound much better live than on record. The album loses all of the ambience of their gigs and as such, isn't all that great in my opinion.

However, people should give them a listen, maybe they'll disagree with me.
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