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Do you like the old QC better or the new QC?

old QC [strip 1 to 500]
- 8 (19%)
new QC [500+]
- 16 (38.1%)
I like em both about the same
- 18 (42.9%)

Total Members Voted: 24

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Author Topic: whats the better QC?  (Read 3152 times)


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whats the better QC?
« on: 28 Nov 2008, 08:46 »

hopefully Jeph doesn't mind me asking this :) I know I can get a little upset when artwork I do gets to much criticism... Anyways which QC do you prefer?

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Re: whats the better QC?
« Reply #1 on: 29 Nov 2008, 18:31 »

Some of the wittiest and most memorable dialog was in the first 500.

Once upon a time I saw someone here who preferred the pre-500 art work, but that's definitely a minority opinion.
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Re: whats the better QC?
« Reply #2 on: 01 Dec 2008, 11:49 »

I love seeing how far the artwork has come, but I did enjoy the hell out of it during it's "big eyes" phase. The writing, I think, has stayed pretty consistant throughout.
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Re: whats the better QC?
« Reply #3 on: 28 Dec 2008, 17:01 »

I got into the comic only this year, and read from the beginning and am caught up to now. I think it was the tidbit when Tai wanted to get her... ladybits.... pierced, when I was caught up to the current pace of things.

The writing still seems as intriguing to me as ever, minus the confusion with Steve and whatever the hell happened to Meena (and other people), though the recent lags in interesting tidbits only stand out moreso now because I'm caught up to the point where I'm not reading 130+ new comics/strips/whatever the proper term for a new drawing is, daily. There were plenty of bogs in the writing and/or plots during the series overall.

Even if it keeps bogging down once in a while, I really don't care - someone else said it's not so much about the story or plot as it is just seeing what Marten, Faye, Dora, Pintsize and the gang are all up to.

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