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Author Topic: Helio Backgrounds  (Read 2825 times)


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Helio Backgrounds
« on: 21 Nov 2008, 17:52 »

Designed for the phone Ocean.

These are some screens from Questionable Content, one of my favorite Web-Comics. These pictures were inspired by this very thread and also this thread. These ten are just a sample, there are about 50 in the link to the album.
Questionable Content Helio Backgrounds

There is a good mix of 320x240 and 240x240 backgrounds here. All are JPEG's.

This comic is absolutely quotable, I could probably background every other comicstrip in the series, but I limited myself because it is pretty time consuming. I have an Ocean, so obviously that is what I was making the backgrounds for. They have to have a certain look to them so they will look nice on your phone, which is why the black background and the specific dimensions.

I didn't focus on the newer comics, but I was looking for a specific comic strip to background so I picked a starting point and moved forward, and along the way I just picked up ones I thought would be great backgrounds. More will most likely come along, depending on how these are recieved.
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