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Author Topic: Tab redistribution comment in "what I'm doing..."  (Read 15076 times)


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Hey Jeph (and others who read this and want to chime in), don't combine the 4 tabs into one that you mentioned.  "Cast" should have its own tab in an area easily seen for those new folk that have no idea who people are.  The tabs for "About" and "Contact" could be combined so that at the bottom of the "About" area (or to the left if you make more clicky menu type boxes) a simple "Wanna contact us?  Email at [email protected] Traditional mail at 123 No Stalkers Street, East Buttfuck, MA 0U812" or some such.  Maybe add the FAQ to that as well, but definately keep the cast tab (and update it as characters become more regular...and not from eating corn).

If you want to lower the number of tabs, you could also put the Music Blog tab under the Links area which would make sense given that it's only loosely comic related because of the occassional discussion of music that's actually found in the comic.  That would bring the total tabs from 11 down to 8.


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