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  • 25 Jan 2022, 00:12
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Author Topic: Gaza Relief Facebook Group  (Read 1553 times)


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Gaza Relief Facebook Group
« on: 17 Jan 2009, 06:20 »

Taken from the discussion forum, originally posted by JC -

Hey everyone.

First off, I apologize to Khar for gutting his post. I really wanted this to be the first thing everyone saw in the thread and unfortunately hitting "preview" revealed that the his original post was at stark odds with what I was trying to accomplish. I hope he can sympathize.

I'm not going to post my opinions on the Israel/Palestine conflict in this thread. Instead, I'm going to ask each and every one of you with a credit card and with funds to please click the link below. It's a Facebook group doing a massive charity drive to help out the citizens of Gaza, who are hungry and sick and injured and in desperate need of supplies. There are plenty of organizations to choose from depending on your politics, but whatever those politics may be, I'm asking you to please set them aside for the ten minutes it will take to open this page, click a link and donate some money to the efforts to combat the humanitarian crisis over there. If you don't have the money, then join it and invite some friends.


p.s. Just to give you an idea of the severity and the urgency of my request, please watch this video. I will warn you that it's incredibly difficult to watch but it's the sharpest illustration of how innocent civilians are finding their lives ruined by this conflict. Please, please donate.
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Re: Gaza Relief Facebook Group
« Reply #1 on: 17 Jan 2009, 11:11 »

I'm going to preemptively ask that if you post in this thread to make it as apolitical as possible. There's already a thread about the conflict; this thread is exclusively about charity.

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Re: Gaza Relief Facebook Group
« Reply #2 on: 18 Jan 2009, 01:23 »

I wept.

It's all I can do for now.
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Re: Gaza Relief Facebook Group
« Reply #3 on: 18 Jan 2009, 04:14 »

I really don't follow politics all that much - but I will definitely take a look at this tomorrow and see what I can do to help. Things like this make me sad.
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Re: Gaza Relief Facebook Group
« Reply #4 on: 10 Mar 2009, 12:39 »

Fuck, this thread made me realize I lost my wallet.

Donationing shall happen once wallet is relocated.


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Re: Gaza Relief Facebook Group
« Reply #5 on: 13 Mar 2009, 14:44 »

War is not a new subject matter. But I am planning to add about 30% of my pay check to non profitable charities this summer.


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Re: Gaza Relief Facebook Group
« Reply #6 on: 30 Mar 2009, 20:56 »

perhaps better suited for this thread than the one in the discuss forum - heather reisman and gerry shwartz, the majority shareholders of chapters and indigo book stores, have a fund called 'heseg - foundation for lone soldiers' which provides scholarships to former lone soldiers, individuals with no family in israel who decide to travel there to join the military. the coalition against israeli apartheid (caia) is calling for people to boycott chapters/indigo until reisman and shwartz publicly announce that they will cut all ties to this foundation. i don't want to bring the israel/palestine debate into here, but if you're not interested in supporting israel's actions, you might want to consider boycotting chapters/indigo too.

more information -
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