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Author Topic: Red Tag Rummage Sale  (Read 1261 times)


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Red Tag Rummage Sale
« on: 21 Jan 2009, 18:15 »

Much like how Daz made a thread about Billy Mahonie, I'm making a thread about a small band you might not be familiar with.

Red Tag Rummage Sale is a duo from Buffalo, New York that consists of lisa freedenberg on cello and signing and her husband phillip freedenberg on guitar and singing. At least in my humble opinion, their music is really something special. It's sparse, minimalistic, and beautiful. Though maybe adorable would be a better word. They are also incredibly intimate. While listening to their songs, it feels like lisa and phillip are singing just for you. It's really incredible to listen to. Their music is warm, comforting, and very inviting.

Also, unlike Billy Mahonie, these guys are not long gone. In fact, their debut doesn't come out till April, so this is a band for right now! Also if you need any more convincing to listen to these guys, Devin Ocampo of Faraquet recorded and produced all of their songs. Please give these guys a listen, they really are incredible. (I suggest you listen to illustrations first, its the video below all the blog posts.)

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