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Author Topic: Good RvR MMORPG To Recommend - Shaiya Review  (Read 9879 times)


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Good RvR MMORPG To Recommend - Shaiya Review
« on: 16 Feb 2009, 00:27 »

I would like to give my thoughts on the free MMO - Shaiya. Most of you have probably heard about it as its been rather heavily advertised on sites (including this one).

Game Title: Shaiya
Gerne: Fantasy
Publisher: Aeria Games
Developer: Sonov Entertainment
Status: Final

This classic-style MMORPG offers players:
PvE, PvP, RvR: The best of all game worlds in one game. Slay monsters, battle friends in duels, smite opposing players in PvP, and fight for control of the continent in Realm versus Realm combat. To the winner of RvR goes the blessing of their Goddess and all the bonuses that includes!

1.Difficulty Ranking
A very cool thing they did to this game is that they added a difficulty that you get to pick.

Easy - very usless. Max lvl is 30 and there is no specials. weaker then normal difficulty.
Normal - Stronger then Easy players. Max lvl is 60. gain 5 stats per lvl and 3 skills per lvl. You should basicly start on normal.
Hard - Must get to lvl 50 on normal mode to unlock hard mode. gain 7 stats per lvl and 4 skills per lvl. much stronger then normal lvl players but you have to gain x6 more Exp then normal players
Ultimate - I didnt reach this lvl yet so im not too sure on this but i think its 9 stats per lvl and 5 skills per lvl. the things im sure of are that if you reach this.. you can be called God. Very difficult killing an ultimate character BUT there is a consquence to that power... if you happen to die, your character gets DELETED unless a priest resurects you. i think its a fair price to pay to battle for the position of God.

2. PVP
Basicly you have to enter portals ( they have lvl restrictions like onl lvls 1-15 is the first pvp zone) to go in the pvp zone. Once you enter your race will be on the "borderlands" and will engage in combat against the other race. you must fight your way to victory. There are more things to explain about pvp but i r lazy so jus play the game and figure it out or youtube some vids.

Though the music isn't something I'd get annoyed with, you have your mix variety of action packed themes that start up when you enter battle, and when I was testing out the pvp the music added to it.

Nothing new or special, maybe a L2 Clone or PW shadyness, though still in early process of the game so it could go the opposite way with amazing terrain to explore, though for now I doubt it, which is why it's a 7, it would be lower though so far A) The skills look great and that's hard to say since I've only gotton to lvl 1 - 10 and seen some great skill animations from every other class, some really fun looking skills that even make me want to try out classes I wouldn't usually play & They may have some repetative looking creatures just like any MMO, but I see a lot of variety as well, graveyards with floating skulls flying around and blown up towns with beasts bigger than you & not having to be a high lvl to fight them ect. ect.

( for a f2p game ) I enjoy all the classes the ones ive test and seen, combos, great variety of skills & good skill animations, classes like the priest which I don't even play actually seems fun & good, PvP was the last thing I looked into and to have fun in pvp so soon in the game was just a great time, just went into a portal onto 1 side vs another side ( kinda map ) and owned it up against the brutal dark side who some were guilded and the map was kinda nice, hills and buildings on fire and good set of monsters to add to it, got a little base and that's just the lvl 1 - 15 devision xP. Grind isn't bad and the difficulty modes give more to work towards for even more skills, the quests are mediocore but a good variety of them and fine rewards of exp/money ect. so far. The factions seem like they'll be close enough balanced as well.




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Re: Good RvR MMORPG To Recommend - Shaiya Review
« Reply #1 on: 16 Feb 2009, 00:35 »

Looks like a base of the Guildwars engine.

Honestly, since I was so big into World of Warcraft in my MMO days, I have to compare every new MMORPG with WoW, unless it`s free; then I compare it with..well.. the mass of other free online korean games there are.

Let me ask you this, how is the economy? Possibly one of the most important parts of a game, honestly. I hate those body-auctions sitting around town spamming madness of sales. I much prefer the EQ/WoW style of going about business. It also adds a lot to the content and fun of the game.
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