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Author Topic: So, did today's comic result in a bit of a mindfuck for anyone else?  (Read 4182 times)


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Not the comic, really, but the link back to 666. I started reading QC, way back in spring of 05. I recall reading it over Spring Break. So ... Since maybe a thousand comics ago? Maybe a bit more.

I went back to 666 and the reference to Marten and Dora dating was just ... a bit of a ... Wait? Really? They've been dating for more than half the comic? Whaaa? It seems like such a recent development, but yet it clearly is not. Which sorta led me to thinking - I wonder if I would start reading the comic if I were to just find out about it now. It's funny, but the dynamic ... changed, so much.
I liked it, back when, due to the characters and a bit of empathy for Marten, not so much for the music jokes. The music jokes seem to be all but gone, the characters are stable and developed ... It's almost sitcomish now. I still like the comic, this isn't meant to be bashing it. It's just ... different. I still read it because I like the characters. Care about them, in the sort of way you get attached to characters in something you've been around forever.

I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this, as I can't say the comic is really worse now than then. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen, going through the archives or such.


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I miss the music jokes. They actually introduced me and some of my friends to new bands (Deerhoof features largely here) and they were sassy and fun.
You're right, it's so character-focused now that sometimes I feel a bit bogged down in drama. Pintsize and Winslow have been making fewer and fewer appearances recently too.
I think the shift occurred when we had The Big Reveal on Faye's secret?


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What I found interesting was Jeph's newspost in #22 talking about how the "whim" to have Faye move in with Marten had the potential to change the whole direction of the comic. A lot of these seeds got planted a lot earlier than we realize.
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I think it was positive to avoid stagnation. I hope see new changes further- life is just like that. But I miss the oportunity to know new bands too.


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I definitely miss the music jokes, especially now that I'm getting back into finding new music (metal and trance lately).
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