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Author Topic: Themes for Mixtapes  (Read 2222 times)


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Themes for Mixtapes
« on: 03 Mar 2009, 20:53 »

Hi!  I know I'm new but I have been lurking for a little while and I hope this is an okay thread to start!

Basically I was thinking that in this thread I will post up a theme each week to give ideas for a mix.  If you are inspired by it, make one and post it up here so other people can download it!  And if you have suggestions for future themes then just PM me and I might post it up.

My friend asked me for a study/mellow mix and this is what I came up with:

GL's Soft Songs for Grey Skies

01  My World / The Go! Team
02  Good Morning / Lullaby for the Working Class
03  Savannah Smiles / Okkervil River
04  Bird Stealing Bread / Iron and Wine
05  Up the Spout / Mateo Messina
06  Ghost Town / The Bicycles
07  Make You Feel That Way / Blackalicious
08  Trinkit / Beats Antique
09  N.L. / The Notwist
10  Beware / Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
11  First of Four / American Analog Set
12  Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect / The Decemberists
13  Casimir Pulaski Day / Sufjan Stevens
14  Let it Die / Fiest
15  Either Way / Wilco
16  Pitter Patter Goes My Heart / Broken Social Scene

so, Week 1 Challenge:  Songs for Studying

(P.S. I hope this isn't a stupid thread!)
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Re: Themes for Mixtapes
« Reply #1 on: 04 Mar 2009, 17:41 »

Sigur Ros - ( )

oh...did I do that wrong..

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Re: Themes for Mixtapes
« Reply #2 on: 05 Mar 2009, 01:05 »

The best paragraph I ever wrote (according to my English teacher at the time) was written in about four minutes after Adam Raised A Cane By Bruce Springsteen off the live CD set.

So, umm, that?
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